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Molino del Genil has the most modern facilities which gurantees the extracion of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The different points of olive recepción, selection, screening and cleaning, cold milling and the different quality controls, ensure the best olive juice reception.


• To guarantee the best fruit collection, a modern reception of merchandise with automatic weighing facilities has been incorporated. It should be mentioned that the current reception was completely renovated in 2015 with the idea of increasing the pace of service and expanding the capacity of our production. Currently, it has a total of 9 lines which facilitates a rapid management of heavy trucks.

• Different classifiers and product selectors clean and sort the olives upon arrival.

Extract room

• A modern cold milling room by refrigeration allows the extraction and optimisation of the best fruit. This room has gone from having 3 lines to 9, with a milling capacity exceeding one million kg of olive per day..


• Our agri-food laboratory, authorized by the Junta de Andalucía with the Num A - 279 - AU, controls each of the olive items offering the farmer his services at your complete disposal. It has been expanded and modernised in a way that performs 100% of physical and chemical analysis of all the samples.


• An automated warehouse is heated with temperature and humidity controls to keep our production in perfect condition. Our winery has undergone several extensions, reaching a capacity of 10 million kg of oil.

Packaging plant

• Fully equipped packaging plant.

Tasting room

• We recently have opened a tasting room which helps us to classify our oils according to the tasting panel.